5 Ways Wireless Charging is Changing the Restaurant Experience

More restaurants around the world are offering wireless charging on their tables. Let's see how it's changing the customer experience.

Wireless charging has been around for years, but it’s never quite caught on in a big way. However, that may be about to change thanks to the latest wave of restaurants offering the new service to their customers. With more and more people carrying around smartphones and tablets that require charging, wireless charging at restaurants can solve the growing problem of where to put your device during dinner without having to dig through your purse or bag looking for an outlet. The next time you’re out with friends or family and you need to charge your phone or tablet, consider giving one of these restaurants with wireless charging a try!

 1) More restaurants are offering wireless charging

A number of high-end restaurants are including wireless charging stations for customers who use their own phones and devices. As more restaurants add wireless charging capabilities, it’s likely that those without will look to stay competitive by installing them at their own locations. That includes restaurants with existing power outlets under tables. (Hopefully, they'll also update their lighting.) Plus, as newer versions of smartphones and mobile devices come out that include wireless charging, it’s important for restaurants to be ready with compatible equipment. What benefits does wireless charging have over regular electrical outlets? First off, don't underestimate convenience. Most people prefer anything to fumbling around under a table looking for an outlet. With a phone on charge, all you need to do is set it down while you eat your meal.

2)It’s more convenient than plugging in your phone

Most of us feel pretty attached to our phones. We also hate being that person who holds up a group because they can’t find their charger. With wireless charging, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. You can just whip out your phone and start charging it, no wires needed! Plus, if you forget your charger at home, you don’t have to worry about heading back across town.

The ability to quickly and easily charge your phone without having to actually plug it in will make an average dining experience better. If you’re out on a date or meeting up with friends, there’s no need to stop what you’re doing just because your battery needs some juice. With quick charging that doesn’t take up extra table space, wireless charging will allow customers of all ages and walks of life to enjoy their meal without ever missing out on critical information.

3) It makes customers feel special

Customers want to feel special, especially when they’re dining out. With a wireless charging station at each table, restaurants can ensure that customers never have to worry about forgetting their chargers. By providing a wireless charging solution at tables, restaurants won’t have to worry about cables getting mixed up or damaged in any way. Just another small touch that restaurants can add to make their experience better than any other spot in town.

4) An Added Attraction for Customers

New technology can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. By investing in wireless charging stations, restaurants can attract new customers and keep their old ones. Because not everyone likes having their devices plugged in while they dine out, wireless charging stations are a great option for anyone who wants to stick around longer or simply enjoy a movie without worrying about losing power.

5) It improves the customer service experience

One of the wireless charging’s most attractive features, from a restaurant’s perspective, is that it improves customer service. Because customers don’t have to hunt for power outlets and wait for their phones to charge, they’re more likely to relax at their table. This means they spend more time ordering food and drinks—which improves your revenue—and are also less likely to become irritated when things take longer than expected. Ultimately, that improved experience makes customers happier and drives repeat business.

How to add wireless charging to restaurant tables?

The days of fussing with chargers, cords, and outlets while dining out are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Restaurants across the world are adopting wireless charging technologies that eliminate these concerns, as well as many others.

For restaurant tables, we recommend installing an invisible wireless charger beneath the surface. The table will already have many plates and glasses on it, making it hard to cut holes for built-in wireless chargers. Our idea uses long distance chargers so you can add them anywhere on your own table without having to worry about drilling holes or ruining the beautiful tabletop.

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