Tidy Up Your Work Desk With Technology: 6 Tips To Get

A clutter-free desk is great for improving productivity. We have listed some tips to get you started with tidying up the desk using modern technology.

Whether working from home or in an office, a messy desk is a nightmare. With documents piled up, and cables running across the desk, it's not a pleasing sight. It ruins your mood and distracts you from the tasks at hand. So, you need to tidy the place up.

You can use apps for digitizing documents, litter boxes, and under table wireless charger to keep your work desk clean. A clutter-free desk is also great for improving productivity, especially while working for long hours. 

Don't know where to begin tidying up your workspace? Here are the amazing tips to get you started.

Importance of Having a Tidy Work Desk

A cluttered workspace can distract you from the tasks at hand as you might waste time finding things. It also destroys your attention that might lead to poor performance. And, all this hampers your productivity immensely. 

Your desk is the core of your workspace, where you keep all your essential items. So, it's vital to keep the place clean and organized. This way, you focus more on work and less on handling any mess on the desk. 

  • Cleaning your workspace is important for improving focus and reducing stress 
  • It will automatically impact your efficiency positively 
  • A cleaner desk inspires creativity and provides more mental clarity 
  • With all these benefits, you will get your tasks done on time!  

It also makes the workspace look better and helps you stay motivated for work. 

6 Tips to Clean Your Work Desk 

A cleaner desk is crucial for arranging all the important official items properly. If you are in a hurry, you'll be able to find things quickly. Here's how you can use tech to clean up your workspace.   

Go For an Under Table Wireless Charger

home-office-wireless-chargersAre charging cables and external power bank cables messing up your workspace? Of course, you can put them away or charge your devices elsewhere. But if you need to use devices while they're charging, you'll need a better solution. 

Picking up a wireless charger can help you keep those messy cables away from your work desk. You can easily position it under your desk so that it charges your smartphone placed on the desk's surface. It's like an invisible power bank that keeps your workspace neat. 

  • You don't have to worry about charging cables wearing out 
  • No troubles of spilling coffee or any liquid on the adaptor 
  • You can easily use the device while it's charging 

The best part? These wireless chargers can power a variety of devices, unlike additional chargers.

Digitize Physical Documents 

Do you have a lot of files and documents lying on your table? A great way to reduce the clutter is by organizing and storing them in files. Or, you can write them down and only store the soft copies on your computer. 

The easiest way to do this is to digitize these documents using a scanner. But you don't have to buy a traditional scanner to do this. Mobile scanning applications will do the trick! 

  • Applications like Adobe Scan and Microsoft Office lens are available for Android and iOS devices. 
  • Be it an official letter or a university admit card, you can use these apps to get a scanned digital copy. 

You can then store these essential documents in the cloud, such as Google Drive. It will automatically create more room on your desk!

Replace The Trash Can with A Robot Litter Box  

If there are crumpled pieces of paper, pizza boxes, or other trash on your desk, you need to get rid of them right away. You can keep a trash can beside your desk, but cleaning regularly might be a hassle. 

So, to keep your desk and office space clean, replace the can with a robot litter box. These devices will be beneficial if you have pets around you. 

  • You can also go for automatic trash cans that store the junk in recyclable bags present inside. 
  • Just open the trash can and take out the sealed bags of rubbish!          

Smart Plant Pots for Hassle-Free Greenery 

If you like keeping plants on your desk, you probably deal with pieces of mud lying around them. Water from the pot might also leak and create havoc on your desk. To prevent this, you can use smart plant pots. 

  • These are lightweight, easy to maintain, and are easy to move. You can go for IoT-based smart pots containing smart sensors to monitor your plant's health.
  • They usually come with a mobile app to notify you about the water level, humidity, pollution, and moisture level inside the pot. 
  • So, this prevents overwatering and helps you keep the plant healthy.

These products are also compact and assist in keeping the space litter-free.    

Use Command Hooks for Organizing Wires 

Do you want more help in handling your wires? You can attach command hooks along the side of your desk or on the walls near it. 

  • After that, you can hang the extra lengths of wires and secure them properly. 
  • Command hooks are easy to attach and peel off, so you'll have no issues repositioning them. 
  • They'll keep your wires hidden and prevent them from damage. 

These hooks will also save you from the burdens of untangling jumbled wires!   

Note Making Apps to Reduce Paper Usage 

While cleaning your desk with the help of tech, you might plan on going paperless! For that, you'll need note-making apps such as Google Keep and Evernote. 

  • You can jot down important points and save them as a digital document 
  • Scan important images with the mobile versions of these apps 
  • You can highlight and save certain sections of an online article

They also help organize various document types, like PDF, Excel, or Word files. So it's a win-win! 


Organizing and cleaning up your desk creates more space to work freely. Such a clutter-free desk helps you manage your time better and concentrate more on work. You'll also have better peace of mind. 

Along with these tips, try to clean up your desk every week, instead of doing it once a month. It will allow for tidying up efficiently, saving time and effort.   

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