Samsung Galaxy S21 Will Come Without a Charger After Apple and Xiaomi

It's official, Samsung Galaxy S21 phones come without charger and earphones.

It's official, Samsung Galaxy S21 phones come without charger and earphones.

Samsung mocked Apple for not including a charger in its iPhone, but Samsung’s recent actions indicate it probably will follow suit and remove the chargers from its Galaxy S21 series smartphones.

Apple announced that it would not only remove chargers from its iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, but also remove charging adapters from all new iPhones, arguing that it does so with the environment in mind. However, we all know that the purpose of shipping without a charger is to expand sales of iPhone accessories.

Leijun, Xiaomi CEO, has confirmed on Weibo that Xiaomi’s upcoming Mi 11 smartphone will come without a charger because smartphone users already have so many chargers, and including another charger with the new Mi 11 will cause environmental burdens.

As a significant player in the smartphone sector, Samsung took the opportunity to post a mocking message against Apple. But it has decided to delete it, making it more likely that Samsung will remove chargers from Galaxy S21, which will be unveiled on January 14th.


Samsung has the largest smartphone shipment in the world. It sits in the top unshakable position in the Android camp. The total shipment of Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi reaches around 500 million units, which accounts for more than half of the global smartphone market. We probably will see more smartphone manufacturers shipping without chargers in 2021.


How would the charger manufacturers and third-party brands seize this opportunity when smartphone manufacturers are shipping without chargers?

We have learned from the industry that mobile phone distributors in the South Korean market have been looking for Samsung’s fast charging supply resources in Shenzhen, with a single order amounting to hundreds of thousands of units, and urgent delivery before the Spring Festival is required. Many charger OEM manufacturers and brands have also confirmed this news.

80% of the 80 mainstream USB PD fast charger factories are located in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, Guangzhou and Zhuhai. Over half of the chargers in the world come from here.

Major consumer power companies in the world will set up R&D centers, procurement centers, operation centers in Shenzhen to better use the complete industrial chain resources, abundant human resources, and information resources in this area. Besides, USB PD charger factories are also located in Suzhou, Xiamen, Beihai, Heyuan, Longchuan, Weihai, Ji’an and other cities.

Since the charger needs KC certification for export to the Korean market, and the charger plug is different from other countries, many charger factories were caught off guard. As the Spring Festival approaches, factory workers will be returning home for holidays. Also, with the shortage of fast charging protocol chips and Samsung’s sudden decision to deliver without chargers, those companies who received orders are both happy and worried.

Samsung shipping smartphones with no chargers have a significant impact on the market. There’re both advantages and concerns.

On the whole, the positive will continue, and the market will create many new opportunities. According to an industry report, the fast charging market’s industry chain includes 22 power chip manufacturers, 37 fast-charging protocol chip manufacturers, 80 charger manufacturers, and many brands.

With Samsung delivering without standard chargers, a large part of the market demand will be passed on to the third-party accessory market. Based on Samsung’s global sales data, the market demand for third-party fast-charging accessories will usher in a new round of outbreak, which brings significant benefits to developing the fast-charging industry chain.

Apple’s removing chargers from iPhone 12 has created a chain reaction in the industry. The end-user demand is strong, and the sales of third-party brand chargers have skyrocketed. Many e-commerce platform chargers sell 100,000 units a month. However, with a great chip shortage, charger factories don’t have a stable supply of chips, and the delivery time has been extended to 45-60 days.

It’s foreseeable that if Samsung cancels the standard charger, its industry impact will be no less than that of Apple. Take Samsung’s 25W PD fast charger as an example. It uses PD3.0 PPS fast charging protocol, which puts forward higher requirements on the fast charging protocol chip. The traditional chips with solidified fast charging protocol will be screened out. Only those that support firmware upgrades can be adapted. Without any doubt, it makes the chip shortage situation even worse.


After Apple canceled the standard charger citing environmental concerns, smartphone manufacturers in the Android camp have begun to take action. Among them, Xiaomi has taken the lead in canceling the standard charger in Mi 11, and Samsung is very likely to become the third company deciding to ship without a charger. The third-party fast charging accessories manufacturers will usher in another industry bonus period. At present, the large power fast charging of Samsung smartphones is developed based on the USB PD3.0 PPS fast charging protocol, which is a standard and open fast charging standard. The third-party accessory manufacturers do not need to spend a lot of time to crack the agreement to achieve adaptation. This will help the industry further accelerate USB PD fast charging technology, expand the USB PD fast charging camp, and promote it to become the industry’s universal fast-charging standard.

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