7 Modern Technologies at Restaurant You Have to Know

The pandemic has enhanced the need for contactless options, resulting in more modern technologies at restaurants. Let's dive in and learn what they are.

Are you an restaurant owner looking to utilize modern technologies at your business? Are you a customer who just paid your bill by scanning the QR code?

Either way, understanding the technical aspects involved at any restaurant is crucial for your business and experience.

The pandemic only enhanced the need for new “contactless” options at eateries worldwide. Consequently, the digital channel sales of US restaurants might reach 30% of the entire sale by the end of 2025. Today, 45% of customers prefer mobile ordering and consider it convenient.

Restaurants require competitive technologies to become successful. These technological advancements are taking over the restaurant industry, from the order and pay at your table to digital kitchen boards and much more.

Does that intrigue you? Here is everything about modern technologies at restaurants!


Top 7 Modern Technologies at Restaurants

Indeed, restaurants worldwide adopt new technologies to keep their business operational. Yet, the industry still has a long way to go and has room for exceptional growth.

Here are some technological trends that have changed the restaurant industry forever.


1.     Order and Pay at the Table

This trend became important during the pandemic. Ordering and paying at the table has become speedy, efficient, safe, and empowers customers. 34% of guests loved mobile payment options because it was contactless and people could enjoy their meal.

Now, this technology has become essential to enhance the overall dining experience of various customers.

Order and pay at the table present the guest with convenience to safely pay through their devices. This ability then offers guests “peace of mind” while improving turn times and reducing labor costs.

At the same time, it also offers valuable guest data to improve restaurant operations seamlessly.


2.     Biometric Payment Technology

What if we could use our fingerprints or faces to pay for our food? The Safeco Field in Seattle has tested out this technology trend. Biometrics as a modern technology at the restaurant is still under development due to security issues.

Apart from payment processing, biometrics has become a handy technology in numerous BOH and management systems.

Technically, modern technology trends at restaurants are not for the guests alone. Hence, biometrics is an innovation that could help restaurant employees “clock into their work.”

It could also minimize the controlling aspect of cash registers and computers at such eateries.


3.     Digital Kitchen Boards

Speaking about employees, digital kitchen boards are a way of eradicating the confusion of paper. They need not worry about smudged tickets or lost orders written on paper.

The days for servers to run around the restaurant to take orders and deliver them to the kitchen are gone.

Technologies like Kitchen Display Systems enhance and streamline the “back-of-house” activities. The operations become more manageable for the kitchen staff to access something directly connected to the POS system.

The orders get automatically displayed while focusing on special requests and priority orders. Similarly, it helps with meal delivery tracking and inventory monitoring while helping with a sustainable operation in the kitchen.

This solution has ensured accuracy, better workflow, and heightened communication.


4.     Standardized Self-Ordering Kiosks

Another technological advancement that rose to popularity was self-ordering kiosks. According to a survey, around 75% of guests loved self-service and considered it convenient.

Such devices help customers choose their meals and pay the amount without any safety issues. One of the best examples of standardized self-ordering kiosks is McDonald’s.

This food chain has removed the need for cashiers in various countries while increasing efficiency. These devices improve order accuracy while reducing the order wait time. The pandemic has increased the use of such contactless ordering.

Apart from McDonald’s, other restaurants are also trying to shift towards self-ordering kiosks lately.


5.     Handheld POS Systems

The lengthy process of closing the check at your table just got easier. A handheld POS system ensures that the staff streamlines these operations instead of going back and forth. It allows the guests to pay faster.

At-the-table payment and ordering become more accessible with these systems. It improves the speed of the order and helps with accuracy, and turns tables quicker than usual.

The guests will spend minimal time waiting for the bill or the food.

A handheld POS system could increase service quality in various cases as servers can take more orders on a single shift. Employees also get to engage with customers due to faster POS devices.


6.     Robots for Food Delivery

This next trend acts as a gateway to the future of humanity. Robots delivering food? Indeed, it might feel like a scene from a science fiction movie.

Various companies in the industry are accessing autonomous robots for their restaurants. Some could make local delivery smarter, efficient, and faster. For example, the Starship robots have completed over 2,000,000 deliveries.

These robots receive funding and are expected to expand their partnership. Maybe you could see a robot making a delivery in your locality soon.

These robots utilize 3D mapping and cameras to maneuver through the surroundings. It is one of the most modern technologies at restaurants that you will see.

These robots can detect curbs, obstructions and can carry 22 pounds of food.


7.     Wireless Charging Table

Another trend that has taken over the restaurant business is wireless charging tables. Customers can now charge their devices while having their favorite meal. Various guests wish to recharge their phones while indulging in their food.

Such a technology could help them do that in public places without worrying about running out of battery.

Like Wi-Fi offerings at restaurants, recharging stations have also become common. Companies like Haidilao and McDonald’s have been using this technique to make customers stay longer and order more food.

One of the best examples of this technology is from ONE POINTECH. They have developed an industry-leading under-table wireless charger that offers optimal convenience. It utilizes Qi-enabled technology and has an 87% efficiency rate.


The Impact of Technology in the Restaurant Industry

Technology at the restaurant has assisted the servers in mainstreaming the ordering process. It has also enhanced the operations as everything changed after the pandemic. People started becoming invested in online ordering after reading through online reviews.

New payment options became a trend, and people started to feel safe again.

Digital food safety for customers and employee safety protocols changed the restaurant industry forever. Technology has left its mark on restaurants. It is evolving and changing its operations based on new challenges.

Do you want to have a successful restaurant business?

You must adapt and be agile while adhering to new protocols and procedures. Similarly, be well versed with new technologies and how they transform the industry.


The Bottom Line

Did you know that 92% of customers read the reviews of restaurants before visiting?

Efficiency and investment in modern technologies have become a priority in the industry. This way, any restauranteur can create memorable dining experiences for everyone. Utilizing modern technologies at restaurants can help boost traffic, strengthen brand image and help your business stand out.

Trends like self-ordering kiosks, handheld POS systems, and kitchen boards have made the rounds. You could take help from such trends and build a modern restaurant that is sustainable.

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