Enhance Your Furniture Designs With Wireless Power

Integrating technology into furniture is the new fad. Here's how the Stealth Wireless Charger gives your furniture wireless power.

The leading furniture brands like IKEA know that furniture with wireless power sells like hot dogs in the modern days. No wonder there are lots of wireless charging nightstands and bedside tables with wireless charging in the market. It makes sense, as that is typically where you power your mobile phone, whether at home or sleeping in a hotel.

Integrating such tech stuff into furniture products is only realistic for prominent players, right? Wrong. Even if you're a small custom furniture designer or maker, you can work with a product like the Stealth Wireless Charger from ONE POINTECH to bring this reality into your business. Let's dive deeper to uncover this product's features that will help you design and make robust bedside tables with wireless charging.


It's cool to charge your device without using any wire. But with the conventional wireless chargers, you'll still have to have something (like a little hockey puck or tray) on your table or desk to deliver power to your device. That means you may still have to allocate a chunk of space on your table to the charger, even when you're not using it.

With Stealth Wireless Charger, the story is different. They have a nifty idea that allows your clients to declutter their tables. Thanks to the Qi-charging technology, the wireless charging pad can be fixed under the desk and start delivering power to battery packs and phones through the table's surface. Throw the following non-metallic surfaces at it, and the charges will travel through them seamlessly:

  • Glass surfaces
  • Concrete surfaces
  • Wooden tabletops
  • Granite surfaces
  • Quartz table tops
  • Marble table tops

Wireless power has long-range 

Wireless charging relies on electromagnetic induction to create a current in wire coils inside your phone. This process requires the proper alignment between the phone's coils and those in the charger. 

Also, the distance between these two devices should be within the manufacturer's recommendations. Some 'armored' and thick phone cases can interfere with the charging process due to their large sizes. Add the thickness of your desk and surface, and a wireless charger will fail to deliver charging power.

But Stealth Wireless Charger is among the best long-distance, under-desk wireless chargers. It can seamlessly deliver a maximum of 10W power through non-metal surfaces as thick as 5 cm (depending on the charger model).

Also, it supports a wide range of phone cases, namely PE, PC, and TPU. Plus, it can tolerate phone misalignment of up to 15mm.

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Quick induction speed

The wireless charging can start and stop automatically. And in the current world where speed is crucial, this product's charging rate doesn't disappoint- an iPhone 12 can be fully charged within 3 hours, a 36% improvement over the conventional wireless chargers. Also, your customers will love its ultra-low standby energy usage.

They can now retire their slow wire-based chargers and, finally, say goodbye to connector failure that comes with repeated plugging and unplugging.

Intelligent recognition and universal compatibility

Stealth Wireless Charger doesn't discriminate against smartphones, so long as the devices are wireless-charging enabled. It can recognize various charging modes automatically: think Samsung 10W, Android 5W, iPhone 7.5W, and many others.

The product incorporates Qi charging, the universal standard that allows you to power various Qi-enabled devices. Your clients will no longer have to change the charging pad of their wireless charging bedside tables and other furniture.

Wireless power is 100% safe

A man putting his phone on a desk with wireless power.

You know how corrosion issue tends to haunt wire-connected chargers, thanks to exposure to oxygen and water. Another issue is short-circuiting due to entangled and twisted cords.

If not replaced immediately, a faulty wire-based charger can cause an electrical fault, fire, and catastrophic loss. Stealth wireless charger takes away this safety concern- there are no cords, and the powering occurs inside an enclosed environment.

We get it- some low-standard wireless chargers in the market tend to overheat and cause panic. But the engineers of the Stealth wireless charger have taken care of this issue. They've designed uniform vents on the surface to boost efficient heat dissipation. That way, heat build-up within the charger is a thing of the past.

We are all guilty of placing metal objects (key, bank cards, keys, etc.) at charging areas. Any heating effect on these objects has the potential of causing costly damages. Thanks to its highly sensitive FOD (Foreign Object Detection) functionality, this innovative product can switch off automatically once it sniffs out a metal.

Quick installation

Your clients will not spend any coin on professional labor, power tools, and drills when installing this Qi charger under your desk or table. It comes with double-sided tape that they can use to stick the pad to the bottom surface.

Testing the most suitable placement is a breeze. The user can simply place their Qi-enabled device at the usual spot and hold the charging pad beneath the table. When everything is lined up, the charger's calibration mode will beep. They can stick the charging pad and start enjoying their innovative product.

Users can also stick some stickers on the table's surface to help them mark the perfect spot. But in most cases, you can eyeball the right place without using a sticker. The phone would still receive power even if the person is off the alignment by up to 15 mm.

As you can see, the process doesn't involve any cutting or drilling of your precious furniture. Does the client desire to sell their furniture or change the charging spot? They can easily take the charger off without leaving any mark or a massive hole that can spark off rapid depreciation of their desk.

Enhance your furniture designs with wireless power

Thanks to our cutting-edge magnetic resonance wireless technology, you don't have to be IKEA to make your customers happy. They can now get efficient, reliable, and safe bedside tables with wireless charging and nightstand wireless charging furniture. The Stealth wireless charger from ONE POINTECH supports all iPhone 12 series and other Qi-enabled smartphones. Also, your customers can now enjoy faster charging without having to worry about power loss and overheating.

Modernize your customers' restaurants, kitchens, offices, and furniture with Stealth Wireless Charger, and they'll come back with their friends! Feel free to check out our wholesale store for the best prices and a chance to test-drive our products before purchasing.  Contact us now for more info.

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