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Does Wireless Charging Work with A Phone Case?

Most wireless chargers will work with your smartphone even if it has a case on it. But some cases might hinder or stop the wireless charging.

Wireless charging is a really convenient way to keep your phone batteries full. So, a natural question for most smartphone users to ask is if wireless charging will work with their smartphone cases?

The answer is yes. Most wireless chargers will work with your smartphone even if it has a case on it. However, there are some factors that will determine whether the charger will work with your case or not.

This article will explain these factors and show you how they can limit your phone’s wireless charging. We’ll also give you some tips on choosing a suitable phone case and wireless charger.

How Does Wireless Charging Work?

To understand why a phone case might not work with wireless charging, we must first look at how wireless charging technology works. Wireless charging works in two main ways: Resonance and Induction.

The most popular wireless charging standard is the Qi technology, which works on the principle of magnetic induction and resonance. Both the phone and the wireless charger contain inductive coils, which are key to energy transfer.

When current flows through the coil in the charger, it creates a magnetic field between both devices. The magnetic field will generate a current in your phone’s inductive coil, which the phone uses to charge its battery.

The main difference between induction charging and resonance is simply the distance. Resonance wireless charging works at a far greater distance than induction.

However, Resonant wireless charging has a lower power transfer efficiency than Inductive chargers. To solve this, Qi-certified chargers and most ­smartphones use a combination of both technologies.

So, how can the addition of a phone case hinder wireless charging? Well, let’s look at a few reasons.

Why Is My Wireless Charger not Working with a Phone Case?

Thick Cases

Inductive wireless charging works better when the device and the wireless charger are close. If both devices are far from each other, the charger might have problems establishing a connection for charging.

Using a phone case that’s too thick can increase the distance between both devices. This may result in the charger not working at all.

Most quality wireless chargers can still charge your phone if it’s at a distance of about 5-7mm from the charger. That means the thickness of bulky cases shouldn't affect the phone's charging, since even the bulkiest cases like Otterbox defender are just 2-3mm thick.

More powerful resonant chargers can work at distances of up to 30mm. So, you should have no problems with most phone cases.

Metal Cases

Wireless chargers work on the principle of electromagnetism, which means they’re susceptible to metals. So, any metal placed between the charger and the phone can disturb the magnetic field, causing the wireless charger not to work.

This is why manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and LG now use ceramics, glass, or plastic on the back of their phones. Wireless charging works just fine with these materials.

Cases with Accessories

Most smartphone users have cases with accessories like kickstands, pop sockets, wallets, batteries, etc. These additions increase the phone’s thickness resulting in a greater distance between the phone and the charger.

As a result, charging might not work. Also, if you have a wallet case with cards like key cards or credit cards, it’s not advisable to use the case with wireless charging.

The charger’s magnets can ruin the magnetic strips and RFID chips on these cards.

This is because the magnetic field from the wireless charger can mess with the chips in the card, leaving them useless. So, always remove these cards before charging the phone wirelessly.

Weak Wireless Chargers

The quality of the wireless charger also matters when you’re charging your phone with a case. Cheap wireless chargers can only charge phones at a maximum distance of about 2mm away from their surface.

This makes it much more difficult for the magnetic field to penetrate the phone case and charge the phone.

How To Choose a Phone Case for Wireless Charging?

So, we’ve got a rundown of everything that can go wrong while charging your phone wirelessly with a case. To avoid them, here’s a list of things to look out for when buying a case.

  • Avoid metal phone cases
  • Do not go for cases with excessive accessories behind the phone
  • Do not store your credit cards in your phone’s wallet while charging
  • Buy Quality, Qi-Certified Wireless Chargers

Also, make sure you position your phone correctly on the wireless charging pad. Some phones will not charge unless they are in perfect alignment.

FAQ on Wireless Charging

Here are some frequently asked questions to answer any additional questions you might have on wireless chargers.

Does a Case Slow Down Wireless Charging?

Yes, a case can slow down wireless charging, but the time difference is negligible. In some tests conducted by ZDnet, charging wirelessly with a case was only a few minutes slower than without a case.

So, it doesn’t really matter.

Can I use my Magsafe Charger with a Non-MagSafe iPhone Case?

The answer to this is a bit complicated. Most third-party cases do not have magnets, so apple’s MagSafe charger might not work with them.

However, it still works with some popular third-party brands. Just know that the magnetic connection between the charger and the phone might not be strong.

Is Wireless Charging Faster Than Wired charging?

No, wireless charging is still slower than wired charging. However, wireless charging is evolving pretty quickly, so we might see some faster chargers in the future.

Do Wireless Chargers Support Fast Charging?

It depends on the charger’s brand. For example, iPhones only support 15W fast charging with Apple-branded wireless chargers.

For other third-party chargers, the iPhone will only charge at the regular 7.5W speed.

Can I Use One Wireless Charger For all My devices?

Yes, you can. Most devices that use wireless charging all use the Qi standard. So, once you have the Qi-certified wireless charger, you should be able to use the same charger for all your devices.

Where can I get the best Wireless Chargers?

You can get the best wireless chargers from us here at One Pointech. We offer highly efficient, high-output, and stylish wireless chargers that work with just about any mobile device.

And we keep launching new wireless chargers from time to time to charge all your wireless charging enabled devices.

Thanks to our cutting-edge Resonant charging technology, our chargers have a wide operating range. So, you can install and use them at distances of up to 50mm.

Contact us today, and let’s find a wireless charging solution for you!

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