Dismantle Xiaomi’s Newly Launched Intelligent Wireless Charger and Mug Warmer

Recently, Xiaomi has put on shelves a Xiaoda intelligent wireless charger and mug warmer, which combines wireless charger and mug warmer into one device.

Recently, Xiaomi has put on shelves a Xiaoda intelligent wireless charger and mug warmer, which combines wireless charger and mug warmer into one device.  It supports 15W wireless fast charging and 18W 55℃ constant temperature, which brings both the convenience of mobile phone wireless charging and cup warming at constant 55℃.


The product is in a rectangular packaging carton with the physical picture of the product printed on the front and the product name at the bottom: wireless charger and mug warmer. There is a logo of Xiaomi Youpin in the upper left corner.


Product Name: Wireless Charger & Mug Warmer

Product Model: HD-HWWXC01

Input power: power adapter 12V1.5A

Constant temperature input power: 18W Max

Wireless charging output power: 15W Max

Manufacturer: Wuhan Huida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


On the side of the package, the version of the free mug which comes with the charger is indicated.


The accessories are neatly arranged in the package.


What’s included in the package: wireless charger, adapter, type-c cable, and mug.


A free mug comes with the charger, available in black, white, or blue.


The adapter has a USB-A output interface, and a two-pin plug (can’t be folded).

Model: S018BYC1200150;

Input: 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz, 600mA;

Output: 5V / 9V / 12V, 3A / 2A / 1.5A.

CCC certification

Manufacturer: Tianbao Electronics Co., Ltd.


Cable USB-A to USB-C


The wireless charger is in black and white. Very compact. Esay to carry.

It comes with non-slip silicone surface. The phone won’t slip off when it rings while charging. And the soft surface will not scratch the phone.

The product has Type-C input interface and supports positive and negative blind insertion. Support 15W fast wireless charging and FOD (foreign object detection).


Parameters are on the back of the charger.


Non-slip silicone pad are on the four corners.


Thickness is about 1/2 of the diameter of a coin.


When the mug is put on the charger, it can be kept warm at 55℃. The mug can’t be dismantled. The bottom of the mug might have been coated with heating material.


There’s an LED indicator light on the front. It’s on when the device is working.


After powering on, the phone can be wirelessly charged once it’s put on the charger.


Remove the silicone pads on the corners.


Remove the 4 screws


Remove the back cover and you will see the electronic components.


PCB is fixed on the casing by 4 screws.


The PCB surface is pasted with three heat dissipation silica gel, which can realize heat dissipation by contacting with the back cover to conduct heat.


Remove the screws and take off the PCBA.


Close up of usb-c base, through hole welding of countersunk plate.


A NTC thermistor is stuck in the center of the coil to monitor the working temperature. The safety protection measures are sufficient.


The back of PCBA board is fixed with wireless charging coil and magnetic separator.


Look at the other side of the PCBA board, the chip components are concentrated on this side, and the power components are very separated to reduce the temperature rise.


XT25F02D memory for charging configuration.


Wireless charging control MCU, brand and model are removed.


HETAI HT7333-1 3.3V low pressure differential linear voltage stabilizing IC.


Two color LED indicator lights, which are marked with blue and red lights respectively.


Wireless resonant capacitor, 3 NPO capacitors in parallel.


Screen printing SMF13A, VISHAY TVS diode, for input overvoltage protection.


Wireless charging SOC main control chip cwq1000 of celfras, screen printing CFSA2.


CWQ1000 can delivery up to 15W as a highly-integrated single-chip wireless medium power transmitter IC. It can to configured to receive its input power from USB or AC adapter. It integrates a power amp driver, a wide range DCDC converter, and communication controllers which use Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK) and Frequency Shift Keying (FSK). The chip included a 32-bit ARM Cortex M0 processor in order to offer high level of programmability according to its applications. Communication and control units (CCU) can accommodate WPC protocol including fault condition handling associated with power transfer. The CCU supports the foreign object detection (FOD) extension. Also, the chip includes over-temperature and voltage protection.


Vanguard VS3622DE dual NMOS for wireless charging coil drive.


Details on VS3622DE.


This wireless charger and mug warmer is a great product that brings convenience for customers for charging their mobiles phones and warming their mug.

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