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Best Wireless Charger Speaker

Looking for a wireless charger speaker that's both stylish and functional? Our 4-in-1 multifunctional gadget is your best choice.


How to pick the best wireless car charger

Wireless car chargers keep your phones charged and accessible while you're driving to minimize distraction. Learn what to look for when purchase one.


How to Make a Wireless Charging Sofa

Smart wireless charging sofas are a new and innovative furniture design that offers practicality and style. Let's learn more about this technology.

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Wireless Phone Charging Explained

Charging phones wirelessly is becoming increasingly popular. It will expand to the workplace, public spaces like cafés and restaurants, train...


Drone Technology and Applications

As drones continue to evolve, they are being used in many sectors and applications all over the world. Here's what we found.


What is a robot?

What are robots and what can robots do in the future? What technologies are involved in robots?


What Parts Are Included in Smart Home System?

The smart home system is mainly composed of a control host (also called a smart gateway), sensors, detectors, remote controls, smart switches, smart...


5 Great Benefits of Smart Homes

Smart home makes people’s life more comfortable, safe, and energy-saving. We have listed five benefits of smart homes.


How Qi Wireless Power Transfer Works

The Qi wireless power transmission system uses magnetic induction to transmit power to a power receiver subsystem included in the mobile device when...

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