3 Reasons to Use Under Table Wireless Chargers in Restaurants

The benefits of under table wireless chargers in restaurants. With a wireless charging table, your dinner guests can stay connected and charged at all times.

When you go out to eat, the last thing that you want to do is worry about charging your phone. But with under-table wireless chargers at restaurants, this becomes a problem of the past! These chargers are so small and discreet that nobody will even notice them. Plus, they are easy on the eyes; no more unsightly wires are hanging from your restaurant tables. Not only are wireless charging tables convenient for customers, but they also help attract new ones too! With these chargers in place, people won’t hesitate to come into your restaurant because they know their phones will always be charged when they leave.

Benefits of a wireless charging table for your restaurant(s)

Below are the three reasons why you need to install under table wireless chargers in your restaurant

1. Save space on the table

Save space on the table. With these chargers under your restaurant tables, there is no need for any additional wires or cables that are visible to guests and customers. This means more room for food! Wires can be unsightly in a restaurant environment – especially when they hang from dining tables where people eat their meals.

2. Keep customers stay longer

Customers will stay longer in your restaurant when you offer them a wireless charging table. With under-table wireless chargers, customers won’t be left constantly checking their phones and feeling the need to get going because they don’t want to lose battery power on their phones.
The last thing a business wants is for its guests or customers to head out of the door!

3. Increase customer satisfaction and bring higher sales

Customers are more satisfied when they don’t have to worry about battery power on their phones. Higher customer satisfaction means higher sales for businesses! Under-table wireless chargers in restaurants provide a number of benefits that sometimes outweigh the need for visible phone charging stations at dining tables. These under-table wireless chargers make it easy for customers to keep their phones charged up without having to worry about sitting in one spot for hours.

How to choose the right under table wireless charger

Charging distance

Pleasure make sure the invisible wireless charger works with the thickness of your tabletop. Take ONEP OINTECH’s invisible wireless charger, for instance. The charging distance is between 20mm to 50mm. So please ensure the thickness of the surface falls into this range, and you will have the best wireless charging table.

Charging power

The first step is to decide which under-table wireless chargers are suitable for the restaurant. A number of choices can be made from simple charging pads to more sophisticated models, and it’s important to know what will work best in different locations around the establishment. Charging power should be taken into account when choosing an under-table charger.

ONEP OINTECH long-distance wireless charger supports fast charging, iPhone 7.5W, Samsung 10W. ONE POINTECH helps you turn your table into a great wireless charging table.

Health and safety

Do under-table wireless chargers pose any health risks? Is it safe for people around the charging station? Please make sure the wireless chargers you intend to purchase are compliant with regulations in your country.
For instance, in Europe, CE is required; in the USA, FCC certification is a must for wireless chargers.

Plug types

Plug types vary depending on the country you’re in. Make sure you are using a compatible plug type to match your power socket.

The benefits of using under-table wireless chargers have been discussed briefly above – we have summarized these below four points to guide your purchase.
  • The thickness of your tabletop should not be less than 20mm or more than 50mm.
  • Under-table wireless chargers are safe for people around them, but please make sure they’re compliant with regulations in your country to avoid any risks.
  • The plug type varies depending on which region you live in, so be mindful when purchasing one!

Where to buy the best under table wireless charger?

At ONE POINTECH we pride ourselves of offering one of the best under-table wireless chargers available in its price range. Several Haidilao hot pot restaurants use our Stealth Wireless Charger model.

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